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Twin Flame Kitchen

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Donna TalkingLeaves and Mats Aguila on:

Twin Flame Kitchen Philosophy, Key Ingredients and time saving tools

“Fresh ingredients properly combined, and seasoned with much Love, will produce the finest results”

The daily partnership of Donna TalkingLeaves and Mats Aguila created a culinary clash of cultures. The dairy and grain based cuisine of Scandinavia was the antithesis of Donna’s Native American Paleolithic diet.

She challenged Mats to expand his culinary awareness, and elevate his cooking techniques. A few years and some cookbooks later, Mats had distilled many of the secrets of Asian cuisine, but it was his meeting with the matriarch and head chef of a local Vietnamese restaurant that confirmed he at last understood the alchemy of Asian cooking.

This awareness of a culture’s culinary chemistry would forever change Mats’ approach to cooking. He was beginning to think like a chef. Donna, as choreographer and Maître D’, added her knowledge of food combining to insure every meal was balanced; daily, weekly and seasonally.

“We lived in a test kitchen; determined to create healthier versions of whatever we ate."

Now that they were alternating their winters between Mexico, Brazil, and the Texas gulf coast, Mats had a long list of favorites to tackle. "We were constantly improving our menus, but the food served at our Gatherings was not always supportive during ceremony."


In 1996 Donna finally persuaded Mats to prepare the meals for a three-day women’s gathering at their island home. It was a daunting challenge, as he would cook for twenty women in a kitchen the size of a sailboat galley.

Mats and his small staff of two served delicious chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes. And dinner always concluded with the nourishing treats known as Food for Dessert.


The Twin Flame Kitchen was an immediate success!


“We continue as we began; refining old favorites and hopefully creating new stars…

for ourselves, our guests and our Gatherings”

Special thanks to all who have eaten our food, and for so very long insisted that we

share the recipes, and the methodology to prepare them!"

 Raspberry Romance

Chocolate Cake

Flourless, Gluten and Lactos Free

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