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Family Ceremonial Gatherings

In late summer 1989 Donna and Mats offered basic seminars and ceremonies on a farm in Sweden.  Participants could camp and children were welcome.

Teachings were held on the sunny lawn, while nearby the children were busy with coloring books and craft making materials.


It was a lively communal atmosphere and reminiscent of Donna's Oklahoma Pow-Wows. Those August celebrations were the highlight of her childhood years. "I was part of a great Ceremony".

Mats, whose theater company had always included children, recognized that a Children's Ceremony was the obvious choice to close these gatherings.


Donna knew It would be a Storytelling Lodge.

Witnessing this enchanting experience prompted a Dutch parent to insist that Donna and Mats bring their Children's' Lodge to Holland.


“We crafted simple age-appropriate ceremonies. First introducing the children to the basic wheel of four directions, animal allies and speaking with the Talking Stick.
Later, using everyday household supplies, the children made drums and gourds and learned how and why we use them."

It was magical. It was fun.


As the children’s knowledge and experience grew, so would the ceremonies. Years passed, childhood became adolescence, and the first of many Rites of Passage Ceremonies was held.
And so the Family Ceremonials continue.

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