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Earth Dreamer's

SunDance Celebration

The SunDance, an ancient ceremony once celebrated in many cultures, was long repressed for fear of the Unity it creates.

It was this potential for unity that Donna TalkingLeaves witnessed in her early SunDances.

When asked by Mats Aguila to bring the SunDance back to Scandinavia, it was this dream of creating unity that encouraged her to accept responsibility.
Mats' assurance that he would attend to the necessary logistics freed Donna to bring her full attention to crafting sacred ceremony.

"I would fiercely follow the impeccable disciplines taught by my Elders: Balanced Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, and Ceremonial Protocol.
Wisdom teachings, sacred song and storytelling would guide my choreography.

I never imagined a second SunDance, and certainly did not foresee a tenth. And as the years passed, true to his word, Mats would handle the mounting logistics of our SunDance on the road.
Foremost on his list, finding fresh groceries for the Twin Flame Kitchen, and timely transport for the Arbor poles and cover.

Our SunDance Ceremony grew in strength and beauty. Anchored in the three disciplines, we Sang, Drummed and Danced for All our Relations.

It is our active prayer for peace.

It has been the greatest honor, and certainly a great challenge, to stand as Intercessor for our Seventeen SunDance Celebrations."

                                                                                       Donna TalkingLeaves

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