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Twin Flame Foundation

Since 1988

A Twin Flame Foundation Short Story

Donna and Mats’ relationship with Elders of Navajo, Cheyenne, Mayan, East Indian and Tibetan Cultures provides the foundation and ongoing inspiration for their work.

"Our Cross Cultural Shamanic Seminars, Ceremonies and Adventure Journeys,

offer ample opportunity to explore, and restore, Right Relationship; 

with our selves, our lives, our world...  All Our Relations"


Donna TalkingLeaves    Mats Aguila

Donna, Mats, and Tashi Deleg, AKA the Buddha Poodle, are currently based in the Texas Hill Country south of Austin.  They happily share their land with a small herd of white-tail deer, three silver fox families, several raccoons, squirrels, and a coyote pack. Equally at home: the iconic Texas roadrunners, a pair of horned owls, thieving blue jays and cooing doves, flashing cardinals, porch-nesting finches, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees! There are lots of lizards, the occasional snake…garden variety, and some scorpions in summer. *


*Apologies if anyone has been forgotten.


Events 2022


Twin Flame Kitchen Video CookBook is here



One to One Skype Sessions throughout the year.

If you would like to schedule a Private Session with Donna or Mats, Contact Us.


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