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With a pristine archipelago and virgin forest as his back yard, nature was Mats’ constant companion. Traveling with his family in northern Scandinavia, home of the Sami people, Mats’ interest in Earth-based philosophies was awakened.

Eager to experience more, he traveled north whenever possible.

Years later, with a basic understanding of indigenous people, Mats was prepared to meet the Native American teachers arriving in Europe.

He would apprentice and begin his in-depth study of native cosmologies.

In his gatherings, Mats often reminds us that Indigenous People have shown him that “it is how we relate to the world around us that matters most. Ceremony illuminates and deepens this relationship.”

Mats Aguila is a Ceremonial Singer, Commedia dell’arte trained Actor and Motivational Speaker.

His training in western medicine and contemporary psychology, combined with Native American and Nordic shamanism, inform his Counseling Practice.

“The current therapeutically driven models are too limiting… they lack a holistic approach”

Mats passion for good food, and his many years as the Executive Chef of The Twin Flame Kitchen, has benefited us all.

“Good food is the best Medicine”

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