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Women's Ceremonials

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In 1985 Donna TalkingLeaves began sharing stories of the Sorcerers, Shamans, and Sacred Archetypes guiding her personal process.

When asked to create opportunities for other women to experience the "power and potentiality within the stories", Donna TalkingLeaves embarked on a journey that would redefine her life.

The Women's Gatherings that began in the United States would eventually lead her to Europe and the 1988 founding of a Women's Circle in the Netherlands. An open, international circle, Many Faces Moon Lodge of Women now celebrates her 30th year!

Through the years Donna TalkingLeaves has also created Women's Circles in Scandinavia, Brazil, and Mexico.

"I am fortunate to share Ceremonial work with women of diverse spiritual, and ethnic backgrounds.... we are brought together in a shared quest for personal fulfillment."


Snake Dance™ confronts our collective fear and repression of the feminine.


Apprenticing the Archetype™ accesses sacred archetypes from around the world, illuminating the Buddha or Buffalo Woman within.


Sacred Bloods™ presents Wisdom-Woman Teachings and Ceremonies to celebrate our life passages!


Everywoman Ceremonies™ addresses our personal and collective wounds.


Spirit Retrieval™, the technique of Recapitulation challenges our selective memory and paves the way for Trauma Recovery Work.


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