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School of Ceremonial Medicine

Shamanic Touch Fire

How it all began...


 Donna TalkingLeaves and Mats Aguila establish the Twin Flame Foundation

with the simple intention of sharing the philosophies and healing modalities

found in countless indigenous cultures.


Now using their holistic methodology drawn from eastern, western and

indigenous cultures’,  Donna and Mats create shamanic touch.


Mats Aguila and Donna TalkingLeaves present their shamanic touch

methodology in lectures, seminars and Ceremonial Gatherings.


This unique methodology would ultimately be trademarked

Shamanic Touch® 


A yearly Shamanic Touch® summer program in Sweden


 An advanced three year Shamanic Touch® program

2010 - 

Our Shamanic Touch® methodology continues

to inform and inspire all we do.


Defining our Terminology
Shaman: Knows the infinite interconnectedness of all form and formless dimensions, and is, therefore, potentially unlimited.


Shamanism: The practice, or discipline, of interconnectedness and unlimited potential.


Shamanic: Exhibiting, and/or, demonstrating, this interconnectedness and unlimited potential.


KNOWS: Denotes direct bodily experience, not a mental construct.                                

                                                                                Donna TalkingLeaves September 1997

Shamanic Definitions
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Shamanic Touch® Sessions

Intended to support and strengthen your authentic self, or, as the Cheyenne say, your Medicine: how you Touch the World with Beauty.

May Include: in depth Counseling, Energy Diagnostics and treatment, and Beauty-way Chants.

We offer ZOOM, or in-person Sessions when available
Contact us for more information
ShTo Sessions
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