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Shamanic Adventure Journeys

I am innately nomadic.

When the seasons turn, I long for a change of scenery, climate, and culture. 

My Aunt told me it was in our blood.  I only know that I’ve always loved to travel. I was barely six when my family traveled to Mexico. And although it bordered our new home state of Texas, Mexico was clearly a foreign country.”

The border town of old Juarez was a colorful jumble of tourist shops, food stalls and street vendors.
It was a noisy carnival of sights and sounds thrilling to any child, but it was the indigenous people, traditionally clothed and proudly pursuing their sacred way of life, that resonated with Donna.

Donna would return again and again to this exotic land where, as she later wrote, "sacred exist with profane, and the past refuses to be eclipsed by the future".

Mats Aguila would eventually join Donna, her teacher and other students of shamanism on their yearly ceremonial journey to Mexico.
Mats was immediately at home. The traditional stories of these indigenous people echoed the guiding sagas of his Scandinavian heritage.

“Immersing ourselves in an ancient culture’s cosmology always expands our awareness and deepens our understanding and compassion for others.”

These enriching travels would come to be known as Shamanic Adventure Journeys, and ever fuel the ceremonies they share.

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