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A Creation Story

From the, “wondrous womb of Creation”, and the birth of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Earth, to the “fully realized human potential,” and the “Gate of enlightenment”, A CREATION STORY engages our imagination, expands our awareness, and opens our hearts..

    In Footnotes, Donna TalkingLeaves explores her story’s source: “Sacred Math and the Rose of Reciprocity”. With refreshing candor, Donna TalkingLeaves introduces us to Sacred Archetypes, elemental powers, and wisdom teachings of each “Count”; Weaving Native American, Buddhist and Sufi Sacred thought. And spinning “Loops of reciprocity”, reveals the “intricate interconnection of Spirit and Substance, Yin and Yang, You and I"


In the long days of Green Grass Moon, Many Clans Return…

To the fire-lit Tipi at forest edge, and Mother Sea shimmering in Sunlight,

To Raise an Arbor of Drum and Song, and by the Sea, a “Sweet Lodge” of Purification…

It is the Sun Dance Season of Abundance, and the “Since Always” Celebration of Sacred Life… is about to begin…


Enchanting, Informing, and Inspiring!

SunDance Story will touch your heart, and leave you singing!

A SunDance Story

This improvisational “Raw Sing” was inspired by the Ceremonies of the Many-Faces-Moon-Lodge of Women, and was solely intended for their use. ‘The “Sing” not only touched our hearts and enriched our Ceremony, it accompanied us in our daily lives. We were being Sung... And clearly the Chants belonged to everyone!’                                             Donna TalkingLeaves


Aguila Sings
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