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Donna TalkingLeaves was profoundly influenced by her maternal grandparents stories of life in Indian Territory.

Throughout her childhood, she witnessed her Grandparents commitment to live in harmony with the natural world, support those less fortunate, and ever honor their Native American spiritual and philosophical heritage.

A quarter century later Donna was a rigorously trained commercial pilot, flying both private and corporate aircraft.  These high speed, high performance airplanes required an equally high level of attention and skill.  And as Pilot-in-command, Donna was ultimately responsible for the safety and well being of her passengers, her aircraft, and herself.

“Aviation was a dream career. I was mentally and physically in top shape, I was disciplined, self reliant, and responsible, but my life lacked the emotional connection and spiritual community I once knew.”  Donna would seek support and guidance from Native American Elders.

Recognizing her leadership qualities, and her desire for greater spiritual growth, an in-depth training was outlined.  “It was not the band aid, or quick fix I had imagined; this was as demanding as any flight school curriculum. There was alchemy, sacred geometry, medicine wheel studies, and high-level ceremonies to complete". Donna was being fast tracked for ceremonial leadership.

The apprenticeship affirmed her deepest desires; for community, ceremony, and a sacred way of life.  Donna would become a storyteller, and a weaver of story into ceremony.   

“The cosmologies, songs and stories of Indigenous People provide the sacred roadmap for the ceremonies I offer.”  


A pioneer of Women’s Shamanic Work, Donna has been called a spiritual feminist for her courage to share Shamanism from a woman’s perspective.   

Her passion for creating Beauty is evident in her art, writing, storytelling, sacred dance and seminar. 


Donna TalkingLeaves’ unique ability to create Sacred Space, in storytelling, sharing circle and ceremony, opens the door to transformation.

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