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Since 1988

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Since Always, for Always
and Especially Now...
We are All Connected
Please Remember
"fear is contagious
while Love... Love is Courageous"



May we have the courage to choose Love..
for all our Relations,
Thank you
Donna TalkingLeaves               Mats Aguila

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In the pre-digital-ease of the early 1980’s, the Woodstock generation was again in search of spiritual development.  The pursuit of purely material goals was proving less fulfilling than advertised.   And I, like many others, sought guidance from Indigenous Elders.

On another continent my future partner, Mats Aguila, was doggedly pursuing his own spiritual awakening.  Our paths would eventually cross; and from our highly charged and spiritually challenging debates, the Twin Flame Foundation was forged.

Thirtyfive years is indeed a milestone.  The world is a dramatically different place.  And in our technologically driven culture, one might imagine shamanism as outdated. 


Yet it continues to intrigue our minds.


Shamanism, the earth-based knowledge of Indigenous cultures, addresses our deep desire for meaningful connection, and fulfillment in our lives.


And although shamanic philosophies and practices may differ from culture to culture, we find a common thread connects them all… 

The underlying premise that we are all

intricately, infinitely, interconnected

In Honor of All Our Relations.

Donna TalkingLeaves  

Ceremonial Elder of the Twin Flame Foundation.

Ceremonial Gatherings

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Women's Ceremonials
Women's Ceremonials
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Dreamer's SunDance
Men's Ceremonials
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Family Ceremonials
Family Ceremonials
Family Ceremonials
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Shamanic Adventure Journeys
Many Reasons
to Gather
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School of Ceremonial Medicine
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Twin Flame Kitchen

...and Our Video CookBook

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